The Real Housewives of New York City (2008)

The Real Housewives of New York City (2008)

Year: 2008

Duration: 44 min

Country: USA

Genre: Reality-TV

Writer: Scott Dunlop

Stars: Ramona Singer, LuAnn D'Agostino, Sonja Morgan

A fast-paced reality show that follows several incredibly busy and ambitious Manhattan women. Watch as they balance envious social calendars, challenging careers, and motherhood, with the hustle and bustle of the big city all around.

IMDb: TT1191056

Rating: 3.8/10 from 2141

Season -1
Season -1
E-1. Bon Voyage Ramona
14 May 2014
E-1. Body of Evidence
With Luann's engagement party fully underway, the ladies celebrate in style. Jules struggles with long-distance parenting. Sonja's feelings about Luann's engagement finally surface...
03 Aug 2016
Season 1
Season 1
E0. Preview Special
Bravo gives viewers a sneak peek of the upcoming series "The Real Housewives of New York City," an up close and personal look at this season's Housewives and a preview of what's to...
22 Jan 2008
E1. Meet the Wives
Ramona gets ready to go to the Hamptons for the summer with her daughter Avery. Jill's daughter Allyson wants to go to a swanky detox center in Martha's Vineyard to work on her hea...
1 link 04 Mar 2008
E2. The Hamptons
Jill and Allyson head to a detox center in Martha's Vineyard. Ramona gets ready for a fashion show in the Hamptons, and Mario and Avery help her find an "appropriate" outfit. LuAnn...
1 link 11 Mar 2008
E3. Fashion Week
Jill takes Allyson on a tiring back-to-school shopping trip at an expensive Manhattan boutique, where she notes that it costs "$1 million dollars" to raise a child in the city. Ram...
1 link 18 Mar 2008
E4. Social Wife
Jill, Bethenny, Alex and LuAnn get together at a swanky New York restaurant. LuAnn and Alex hit it off, while Bethenny gets annoyed with what she perceives as Alex's pretentious be...
1 link 25 Mar 2008
E5. Careful, She Bites
Bethenny meets Alex to teach her healthy cooking techniques for her family. Bethenny confides in Alex that she and Jason are having trouble. The van Kempens get ready for a big nig...
1 link 01 Apr 2008
Girls' Night Out E6. Girls' Night Out
At a suite at the Hotel Chandler, Alex and Simon get made up for opening night at the opera?their biggest event of the year. Jill and Bobby go out to dinner with Bethenny and Jason...
1 link 08 Apr 2008
E7. Second Chances
The De Lesseps take a family trip to the Statue of Liberty, where the Count talks to the kids about the significance of the statue and their family history. Bobby takes Jill for a ...
15 Apr 2008
E8. Reunion
The ladies of New York City reunite with host Andy Cohen.
1 link 22 Apr 2008
E9. The Lost Footage
Catfights, commotion and chaos! The ladies from the big apple had their share of drama, but Bravo could only fit so much into each episode. "The Real Housewives of New York City: T...
1 link 27 May 2008
Season 2
Season 2
There's a New Girl in Town E1. There's a New Girl in Town
In the drama-filled season two premiere, an interview that Jill gave to the New York Post puts her in hot water with Alex and Simon. Bethenny decides to spend the summer with Jill ...
1 link 17 Feb 2009
E2. Hamptons Retreat... But No Surrender
Bethenny confides in Jill on the state of her relationship with boyfriend Jason, and Jill tries to help her out in her time of need. LuAnn, Bethenny, and Ramona get together while ...
1 link 24 Feb 2009
E3. On Their High Horses
Rosanna, LuAnn's housekeeper, joins the family again after a month-long trip to the Philippines. Jill decides to throw a major event for her charity, Creaky Joints, and plans to in...
03 Mar 2009
E4. If You Have Nothing Nice to Say...
The van Kempens return from the Hamptons to start packing for their annual vacation in St. Barts, while getting their house ready for a major home renovation. LuAnn organizes a cha...
1 link 10 Mar 2009
E5. New York State of Mind
During one of the last weeks of summer, LuAnn is busy packing Victoria up for boarding school, while Ramona and Bethenny get together in the Hamptons and dish over their recent arg...
17 Mar 2009
E6. Runway Run-In
It's fashion week in New York and the ladies' schedules are jam-packed with invites to the Bryant Park tents. LuAnn, Kelly, Ramona and the van Kempens attend the Russell Simmons fa...
1 link 24 Mar 2009
E7. Kelly vs. Bethenny
Ramona invites Kelly to attend the Badgley Mischka fashion show together, where Kelly complains about Bethenny's behavior at Jill's charity meeting, and Ramona urges her to meet wi...
31 Mar 2009
E8. Game, Set, Feud
Jill's home re-design is finally complete, and she invites Bethenny over to see the results. While there, they learn that Jill's tennis pro won't be able to play with her in the do...
1 link 07 Apr 2009
E9. Wife in the Fast Lane
The women are busy! Ramona is working to develop a skin care line, LuAnn meets with her writer to finish up her book, "Class with the Countess," and Bethenny works to promote her l...
1 link 14 Apr 2009
E10. Unfashionably Late
Kelly goes to a sexy photo shoot to update her head shot and to shoot the photo for the invitation to the big Halloween party she is hosting. All the Housewives attend Kelly's Hall...
21 Apr 2009
E11. Van Kempens House Party
Alex and Simon's home is in the final stages of the renovation, and they plan a party to show it off when it's finished and invite all the other Housewives. Bethenny gets set up on...
28 Apr 2009
E12. Charity Wives
Clashes, disagreements and conflicts abound as the ladies take care of the final details for Jill's charity event that they are all planning together. At the final charity meeting,...
05 May 2009
E13. Reunion: Watch What Happens - Part 1
12 May 2009
E14. Reunion: Watch What Happens - Part 2
The second season reunion special of the watercooler sensation "The Real Housewives of New York City" was so jam packed with drama that Bravo couldn't resist giving viewers more Ho...
1 link 14 May 2009
E15. The Lost Footage
Check out never-before-seen clips from the dramatic second season, including Jill's mother's take on the Page Six debacle, Bethenny's trip to Fire Island, Ramona in a fashion show ...
1 link 28 May 2009
Season 3
Season 3
E1. New Alliances
The special will feature the 25 favorite moments from the first seasons of New York, Atlanta and New Jersey and the first two seasons of Orange County, as chosen by Bravo. From tab...
1 link 04 Mar 2010
E2. Dueling Labor Day Parties
Still in the Hamptons, LuAnn and her kids get a surprise visit from Rosie who is no longer their housekeeper but is still concerned about the family as a whole. The Singers and the...
1 link 11 Mar 2010
E3. Fall in Manhattan
The women are all back in Manhattan - including LuAnn who drives in from the Hamptons with daughter Victoria to attend some of her favorite fall events in the city. The two commise...
1 link 18 Mar 2010
E4. Fashion and Fighting
Smack in the middle of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, LuAnn and Kelly are at a show when Bethenny arrives. Later on, Bethenny hosts an event for a designer in town and both A...
1 link 25 Mar 2010
E5. Hot Off the Press
Tensions are at an all-time high when Bethenny discovers a gossip article about her damaged relationship with Jill. Kelly is elated when she meets a potential new suitor who is int...
1 link 01 Apr 2010
E6. The Ambush
Bethenny gets into a heated argument with Ramona and they both hit below the belt with vicious personal attacks. LuAnn remains close with Jill as she spends time at Casa de Zarin w...
08 Apr 2010
E7. New Girl, Old Money
We meet divorcee Sonja Morgan who is a fan of shopping, sex, & plastic surgery. Ramona has a surprise for Mario, proposing that they renew their wedding vows. Brooklyn Fashion Week...
1 link 15 Apr 2010
Let's See That Ring E8. Let's See That Ring
Since she's decided to renew her vows with Mario, Ramona takes Avery out to lunch to ask her to be her maid of honor. Sonja and LuAnn are also in the Hamptons so Kelly joins them f...
1 link 22 Apr 2010
E9. Stay on Message
Jill hires new housewife Jennifer Gilbert to plan her holiday bash. Elsewhere, a stunned Bethenny discovers that her pregnancy was leaked on the blogosphere; drama sharpens between...
1 link 29 Apr 2010
E10. Leap Before You Look
Drama surges at LuAnn's charity event when Jill and Alex feud. In addition, LuAnn, Kelly, Jill and Sonja bond over yoga; LuAnn reflects on her taxing year; Bethenny flies to Los An...
1 link 06 May 2010
E11. Housewives Overboard
The ladies bask in some fun in the sun when Ramona organizes a "renewal getaway." Still stung from her loss, Bethenny is comforted by the ladies---until Kelly kicks up some drama. ...
1 link 13 May 2010
E12. Sun, Sand and Psychosis
As the Housewives settle into Ramona's "renewal" getaway in a luxurious island villa, tensions flare between Bethenny and Kelly.
1 link 20 May 2010
E13. Shunburn
Nobody is surprised to wake up and find that Kelly has left St. John. But sparks fly when another Housewife drops in unexpectedly.
1 link 27 May 2010
Rebuked, Reunited, Renewed E14. Rebuked, Reunited, Renewed
Bethenny agrees to meet Jill for lunch; LuAnn has a release party for her new single.
1 link 03 Jun 2010
Reunion Part 1 E15. Reunion Part 1
Bravo gives fans of "The Real Housewives of New York City" an extra helping of drama when everyone's favorite Manhattanites reunite during the first part of the season three reunio...
10 Jun 2010
E16. Reunion Part 2
Bravo gives fans of "The Real Housewives of New York City" an extra helping of drama when everyone's favorite Manhattanites reunite during the second part of the season three reuni...
1 link 14 Jun 2010
E17. Reunion Part 3
Bravo gives fans of "The Real Housewives of New York City" another helping of drama when everyone's favorite Manhattanites reunite during the third part of the season three reunion...
1 link 17 Jun 2010
E18. The Lost Footage
24 Jun 2010
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Grin and Bare It
Ramona kicks off fall in New York City with a rooftop cocktail party. Things are still tense between Jill and Alex as this is the first time they've seen or spoken to each other in...
1 link 07 Apr 2011
March Madness E2. March Madness
It's the day of the MENY (Marriage Equality NY) March over the Brooklyn Bridge and Alex, Kelly and LuAnn meet at Sonja's before the event to get dressed and head over together. Ale...
1 link 14 Apr 2011
E3. Hairy Mess
Alex calls Sonja to meet for lunch as she's still devastated by being thrown out of Sonja's house and wants to set the record straight. Ramona, surprisingly, has been asked to walk...
1 link 21 Apr 2011
E4. Ramona'd
While shopping at Vivienne Tam, Sonja confides in Cindy that she plans to get Ramona and Kelly together, as a surprise to Kelly, so they can work out their differences. While there...
1 link 28 Apr 2011
E5. Follow Pecking Orders
Jill returns from Australia with a new perspective, or so she claims, trying to stay out of the gossip. Sonja summons Cindy to her townhome and educates her on the importance of ha...
1 link 05 May 2011
E6. The Mask Has Two Faces
Sonja is throwing a masquerade ball and enlists designer Chris March to help her spice up her costume. Jill joins Cindy on a trip to the dentist to fix Cindy's troubled teeth. Ramo...
1 link 12 May 2011
E7. Travel Reservations
With all the fighting that has been going on between the girls, LuAnn decides the best solution is to take a ladies trip somewhere exotic. Cindy has planned a spa retreat with Jill...
19 May 2011
E8. Misfortune Teller
The women are off to Morocco with LuAnn as the hostess! That afternoon, LuAnn, Jill, Kelly and Cindy hit the town for some shopping. While in a fabric store, Jill runs into her old...
1 link 26 May 2011
E9. A Riad Divided
The women are at Brad's party and the fortune teller is continuing her news. LuAnn and Kelly are translating for Ramona that another woman is thinking of her husband, Mario. Althou...
02 Jun 2011
E10. Last Call, Morocco!
The dust is settling in the Riad after the blowup between Jill and Ramona. The next day, Jill, Kelly, Sonja, Cindy & Alex head to tour one of the many opulent palaces in Morocco. S...
1 link 09 Jun 2011
E11. Debt Becomes Her
The ladies return to NYC from their trip to Morocco. Ramona realizes that she hasn't been devoting enough time to Mario and plans a romantic night for them at a luxury hotel. Meanw...
1 link 16 Jun 2011
E12. Sixteen and Skip the Sweet
Ramona and LuAnn are planning Sweet 16 Parties for their daughters, Avery and Victoria. Jill goes to Dr. Pat Wexler's to get a liquid face lift that changes her look dramatically. ...
1 link 23 Jun 2011
E13. Your Tweeting Heart
Sonja is trying to get her life back on track so she hires a Feng Shui expert to help her bring more positivity to her life. Little does she know that Ramona is throwing her a surp...
1 link 30 Jun 2011
E14. Burlesque Is More
Sonja is throwing another party -- this time the theme is burlesque and she will be performing. LuAnn invites Jill to join her at the recording studio to hear her newest song, Chic...
1 link 07 Jul 2011
Video Killed the Countess E15. Video Killed the Countess
LuAnn is planning on shooting a video for her new song, "Chic C'est La Vie" and she invites all the ladies to take part in it. Sonja invites Cindy to her home for another try at fr...
14 Jul 2011
E16. L.O.V.E. Duel
LuAnn decides to throw Jacques a surprise party for their one-year anniversary (of dating). While at her producer's studio, Natalie Cole shows up and LuAnn invites her to the party...
1 link 21 Jul 2011
E17. Reunion Part 1
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part one brings together Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and Cindy Barshop to discuss some of t...
1 link 25 Jul 2011
E18. Reunion Part 2
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part two brings together Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and Cindy Barshop to answer some of th...
1 link 01 Aug 2011
Season 5
Season 5
E1. A New New York
Sonja kicks things off with a party to mingle with Aviva, Carole and Heather. They all seem to hit it off... until Ramona arrives. Heather and Carole try to figure out who to trust...
1 link 04 Jun 2012
E2. Say What You Mean, Just Don't Say It Mean
To settle their differences, LuAnn and Ramona finally meet up to clear the air. LuAnn wants Ramona to own up to blackmailing her, but Ramona sees it differently and denies any wron...
1 link 11 Jun 2012
Boozy Brunch E3. Boozy Brunch
Uptown ladies Aviva, Heather and Sonja take a trip downtown to Carole's cool neighborhood where she hosts an afternoon of brunch, booze and bitching that includes New York's most p...
18 Jun 2012
Diss-Invite E4. Diss-Invite
Ramona invites Aviva, Carole and Sonja for lunch to discuss her current issues with Heather, however, Sonja chooses to have a secret rendezvous with LuAnn instead. LuAnn voices con...
1 link 25 Jun 2012
E5. The Cool Girls
Aviva and Heather discuss the London trip. Aviva asks Sonja to throw her an anniversary party. Ramona and Heather clash when they try to calmly talk about their issues.
02 Jul 2012
E6. I'm U.K., You're U.K.
Carole, Sonja and LuAnn arrive in London and live it up in a gorgeous penthouse Heather arranged for everyone. As Heather is busy working, the women shop in Notting Hill, and Carol...
09 Jul 2012
E7. Good Trip, Bad Fall
Sonja, Heather, LuAnn and Carole are finishing up their London trip with a day of fun and games. They head off for a very English game of Croquet, but by this point, tension is bui...
16 Jul 2012
E8. Blinded by the Wine
Ramona, Sonja, Carole and Aviva meet for lunch to discuss London and the Anniversary Party. Aviva mentions going to Miami with Ramona and extends an invitation to Sonja to be set u...
23 Jul 2012
E9. Dirty Ol' Dad
Carole, Ramona, Aviva and their husbands go out for dinner in Miami with Sonja and her "date," Aviva's sex-addicted father, George. Later in the trip at the Art Basel festival, Avi...
30 Jul 2012
E10. You Want to What Me in the Where?
Ramona invites all of the ladies and their significant others out to dinner - except for Heather. But things go awry quickly as LuAnn offends Carole and Mario takes issue with Jacq...
1 link 06 Aug 2012
E11. This Party Is Toast
To celebrate the holidays, Carole hosts a "White Elephant" party for the ladies and their husbands. Aviva brings her father George, who happens to be in town and LuAnn and Heather ...
1 link 13 Aug 2012
All How You Spin It E12. All How You Spin It
Aviva hosts a charity event at Soul Cycle to raise money for children who need prosthetics. Ramona and Sonja are no shows, which angers Aviva, who thinks that if booze was served, ...
20 Aug 2012
E13. Pirate Booty Call
The ladies arrive in St. Barths without Aviva and head straight for their beautiful villa, and realize it's first class all the way around. On their first evening, Carole's boyfrie...
27 Aug 2012
E14. Slutty Island
The ladies have invited friends over to the villa for a party, but only two people show up - Cat, LuAnn's old friend and Tomas, the "Johnny Deep look-alike" from the night before. ...
1 link 03 Sep 2012
E15. Vacation, All I Ever Wanted
Ramona is upset when Aviva, Reid, Carole and Russ set up a double date without her and Sonja. On the final night, Sonja and Ramona add fuel to the fire when they opt to return to t...
1 link 10 Sep 2012
E16. What Happens in St. Barths Doesn't Stay in St. Barths
LuAnn brings Jacques to a dinner party back in New York, causing Ramona and Sonja to wonder if she's told him the truth about what happened with Tomas in St. Barths. Sonja and Aviv...
17 Sep 2012
E17. Don't Make Room for Daddy
Aviva's father, George, is back to his usual antics, but Sonja doesn't have time to be charmed as she continues to be disappointed by her ex-husband. Aviva and LuAnn join Heather f...
1 link 24 Sep 2012
E18. All's Well That Doesn't End Well
Sonja and Heather try to put the finishing touches on Sonja's toaster oven box. Aviva meets with Heather for her fitting and is hesitant with the look that is chosen. Finally, it i...
01 Oct 2012
E19. Reunion, Part 1
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part one brings Aviva Drescher, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson to rehash this season's drama.
08 Oct 2012
E20. Reunion, Part 2
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part two reunites Aviva Drescher, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson to discuss catfights and confron...
15 Oct 2012
Lost Footage E21. Lost Footage
Host Andy Cohen opens up the Bravo vault to show never before seen footage, from Ramona's discovery of Aviva's prosthetic leg to baby talk from numerous housewives. Take an inside ...
22 Oct 2012
Season 6
Season 6
E1. If You Can Make It Here
The ladies are back and fierce as ever. Heather hosts her own birthday party, but no one is looking forward to seeing Aviva after some of her past eyebrow-raising behavior. Aviva a...
1 link 11 Mar 2014
E2. Give Up the Ghostwriter
When Aviva scores a book deal for her memoir, she decides to meet with Carole, the renowned author of the group, for help. Their lunch quickly turns uncomfortable and things get ug...
1 link 18 Mar 2014
E3. Model Behavior
Carole and Aviva's explosive fight at Aviva's housewarming spills out into the party, shocking all in attendance. Ramona helps Avery get ready for prom and can barely come to terms...
1 link 25 Mar 2014
E4. Holla in the Hamptons
The women head to the Hamptons to watch Sonja perform a burlesque number at a charity event, raising eyebrows and judgment amongst the crowd. Countess LuAnn makes her return to the...
01 Apr 2014
E5. Everybody Thinks We're Drag Queens
The fighting at LuAnn's barbecue continues, leaving the ladies feeling frazzled. Sonja tries to lighten the mood with a relaxing brunch the next day where she unexpectedly loses a ...
1 link 08 Apr 2014
E6. Unhappy Anniversary
Ramona is back from her family trip to Africa and she's collected a new-found inner peace. When she hears from Heather all the recent drama in the Hamptons, she makes it her person...
15 Apr 2014
E7. Fireworks
It's the Fourth of July weekend in the Hamptons, and the women gather for some fun at the beach. Ramona and Mario invite Kristen and Josh over to play tennis, but some heated attit...
22 Apr 2014
E8. Unforgivable Debt
Due to their recent falling out, Ramona begins to reveal Sonja's financial difficulties. Kristen attends a meeting with a new modeling agency and gets word about an offer. Sonja's ...
29 Apr 2014
E9. The Last Splash
06 May 2014
E10. Bon Voyage Ramona
Heather attempts to calm the quarreling Kristen and Ramona with a dinner fit for a King. The next morning, the women go hiking in the woods when Ramona stumbles upon something that...
13 May 2014
The Ramona Trap E11. The Ramona Trap
Back in New York City, the women confront Ramona about her bad behavior, specifically, ditching them for a party in the Hamptons. Meanwhile, Kristen and Josh get into some marital ...
20 May 2014
E12. Requiem for a Poodle
Sonja enlists her A-list spiritual healer to help release her from her undying connection to her beloved deceased poodle, Millou. Meanwhile, Kristen auditions for a home workout vi...
27 May 2014
E13. Win, Place or Sonja
Aviva's sex-crazed father, George, has shocking news for Cody, his twenty-five-year-old girlfriend. Aviva decides to throw them a party at a surprising, yet fitting, museum. Can Ra...
03 Jun 2014
E14. Sex, Lies and Facials
The Saratoga trip concludes with a wild night on the town, where Sonja shows more than anyone expected. Back in New York, Ramona squeezes in some bonding time with Avery before she...
10 Jun 2014
E15. Ten Gallon Spats
The ladies are set to escape the city and venture into big sky country: Montana! After procuring a doctor's note, Aviva opts out of the trip due to a sudden horse allergy and asthm...
17 Jun 2014
E16. Go Yell It on the Mountain
The ladies are halfway into their Montana adventure and tension between Sonja and LuAnn still lingers. There are distractions from the drama with a full day of outdoor activities. ...
24 Jun 2014
E17. Bury the Hatchet
Heather and Kristen are still at odds as the ladies prep for their evening of "glamping." Surprisingly, Ramona sides with Kristen and they form a bond for the first time. Heather a...
01 Jul 2014
E18. Something to Sing About
When the girls return from Montana, Aviva learns her illness has been the butt of everyone's jokes and decides she needs a break from the group. Ramona's husband Mario is slated to...
08 Jul 2014
E19. There's Something About Harry
15 Jul 2014
E20. The Last Leg
22 Jul 2014
E21. Reunion Part One
29 Jul 2014
E22. Reunion Part Two
Hosted by Andy Cohen, the ladies of NYC: Aviva Drescher, Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, Kristen Taekman and Heather Thomson reunite for the first ...
05 Aug 2014
E23. Reunion Part Three
12 Aug 2014
Season 7
Season 7
E1. The B Is Back
It's transition time for many of the women as Bethenny is still dealing with the chaos of her divorce and with no place to call home, she is trying to find where she belongs. Excit...
1 link 07 Apr 2015
E2. New House, Old Grudges
The ladies hit the Hamptons for a weekend of fun and nostalgia. After selling the last pieces of her recently-sold estate, Luann shows off her new home to all the ladies at an info...
2 links 14 Apr 2015
E3. Battle of the Brunches
Luann, Carole, Kristen, and Heather do not want to take sides in a possible renewal of tensions between old frenemies, so they decide to attend both Bethenny's and Ramona's brunche...
1 link 21 Apr 2015
E4. The Art of Being a Cougar
After a wild single ladies night, Carole catches up with Heather at the Highline to discuss her dating life. Later, Carole gets her game on with Luann's hot, younger chef, Adam. Be...
2 links 28 Apr 2015
E5. Mind Your Own Business
Having been warned about Sonja's questionable business aspirations, Bethenny has lunch with her to see firsthand if the other women have a point. Later, Dorinda hosts a cocktail pa...
1 link 05 May 2015
E6. Double Down on Delusion
The women all head off together to Atlantic City for Ramona's first birthday without Mario. Things get off to a rough start when Sonja won't let the ladies into her townhouse, and ...
1 link 12 May 2015
E7. Family Matters
Back from Atlantic City, Ramona keeps her birthday festivities rolling with a party for herself and her gal pals. When some of the women attend a boxing match, Carole and Luann hea...
19 May 2015
E8. The Cavi-Art of War
Bethenny visits her therapist who urges her to tap into her feelings; Luann and Ramona face off.
1 link 26 May 2015
E9. Birthday in the Berks
The women head to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to celebrate Dorinda's 50th birthday.
2 links 02 Jun 2015
E10. Pop of Crazy
Dorinda's birthday dinner comes to an unappetizing halt with Bethenny and Heather in a screaming match, capping off a conflict-filled Berkshire weekend. Back in New York, Ramona is...
2 links 09 Jun 2015
E11. Fashionably Fired Up
A newly debt-free Sonja wants to celebrate by inviting all of the girls to Turks and Caicos. On a shopping outing, Luann and Kristen recap the AOA party, but Kristen gains no clari...
1 link 16 Jun 2015
E12. Lord of the Manor
The ladies head to Luann's fashion launch party where Kristen finds herself in yet another face-off with Bethenny. The next day, the women take off from snowy New York City to have...
1 link 23 Jun 2015
E13. Sonja Island
On their first evening in Turks and Caicos, Ramona and Bethenny have a tear-filled heart-to-heart after the other ladies go to bed. In the morning, Dorinda has a serious talk with ...
3 links 30 Jun 2015
E14. Conch Blocked
When Bethenny is making lunch for the ladies and Ramona tries to convince everyone to go out to eat instead, Bethenny calls Ramona out for always making things about her. That nigh...
3 links 07 Jul 2015
E15. Don't Be All, Like, Uncool
Heather wakes up to find a naked man in the room attached to hers, and goes after Luann and Ramona for their late-night antics. Back in New York, Carole and Dorinda meet up with Be...
3 links 14 Jul 2015
E16. Awfully Charitable
Carole visits Bethenny's almost-finished apartment and fills her in on the chaos that occurred at the end of Kristen's denim-decorating party. At Kristen's Denim and Diamonds chari...
2 links 21 Jul 2015
E17. London Calling
Carole and Dorinda arrive in London and Carole's first order of business is to retrieve her late husband's ashes. The two widows immediately bond when sharing their similar pasts o...
2 links 28 Jul 2015
E18. Rumble on the Runway
It's fashion week in New York, and the ladies have some exciting adventures lined up. Bethenny and Heather join Sonja and her design team to see her clothing line, but instead, end...
1 link 04 Aug 2015
E19. New Beginnings, My Ass
Sonja's Fashion Week debut is getting great press thanks to Bethenny and Ramona's front row ruckus, which Sonja wants to hear about from Ramona. Ramona's New Beginnings party seems...
1 link 11 Aug 2015
Reunion Part 1 E20. Reunion Part 1
The reunion gets started with some conflicting accounts of how the ladies reacted to the return of Bethenny. Fortunately, as they take a look back at her outbursts from the season,...
2 links 18 Aug 2015
E21. Reunion Part 2
In the second part of the reunion, Luann and Carole still fight through their unresolved issues. Then, it's all about the newest Housewife, Dorinda, including her touchy-feely boyf...
25 Aug 2015
E22. Reunion Part 3
The final installment of the reunion starts with Sonja once again on the defense as all of the ladies question her business sense. Then, it's one final trip down memory lane for as...
2 links 27 Aug 2015
E23. Secrets Revealed
Never-before-seen footage from "The Real Housewives of New York City" season seven. Don't miss candid, exclusive, lovable scenes from your favorite ladies of the Big Apple.
1 link 03 Sep 2015
100th Episode Watch What Happens Live Special E24. 100th Episode Watch What Happens Live Special
Season 8
Season 8
E1. Start Spreading the News
The ladies are back in the city for the fall, and Bethenny is excited to be living in a home that she loves, all while continuing to find balance between working, dating and dealin...
2 links 06 Apr 2016
E2. An Intimates Affair
Bethenny begins planning a tailgate-chic BBQ birthday party to take place at her Hamptons home. Meanwhile, on the Upper East Side, Luann and Sonja bond over sparkling rosé and thei...
2 links 13 Apr 2016
E3. The Biggest Boob
Chaos from the lingerie party continues as Dorinda confronts Ramona, shocking Jules, the newcomer to the group. The night heats up when John arrives at the party uninvited, ready f...
2 links 20 Apr 2016
E4. BBQ, Brunch or Bust
The ladies continue their fun weekend in the Hamptons, and Dorinda preps John to apologize to Bethenny. The ladies begin to arrive at Bethenny's house ready to party, but Bethenny ...
2 links 27 Apr 2016
E5. Birthday Bashing
Jules airs her grievances to Dorinda and Carole concerning Bethenny's abrasiveness during the Hamptons trip. Bethenny gains a newfound respect for Jules when Jules opens up about a...
2 links 04 May 2016
E6. Tipsying Point
Carole hosts a psychic session that turns ugly when Dorinda gets an unexpected reading that leads to raised voices between her and Ramona. At Sonja's birthday party, Luann and Ramo...
2 links 11 May 2016
E7. Airing Your Dirty Laundry
When Sonja stops by Bethenny's office for a chat, she is caught off guard by Bethenny's response to her new business. Meanwhile, Luann officially moves in with Sonja, Jules hunts f...
2 links 18 May 2016
E8. All the Countess's Men
Bethenny hosts a holiday party where the topic of discussion is a trip to the Berkshires. Luann introduces her new boyfriend to Dorinda and Jules at an intimate couples dinner. The...
3 links 25 May 2016
E9. December: Berkshires County
The holiday spirit hits a rough patch when tensions between Luann and Bethenny reach explosive levels. Ramona accuses Luann of breaking the girl code. As Luann attempts to defend h...
2 links 01 Jun 2016
E10. Unhappy Holidays
The saga in the Berkshires continues with round two of Bethenny vs. Luann. Back in the city, Jules has to adjust to life without a nanny. Sonja's feeling the pressure from Luann an...
3 links 08 Jun 2016
E11. Invitation Interrupted
Still dealing with the fallout from her Tipsy Girl venture, Sonja decides to change her partying ways. Her roommate, Luann, has a surprising announcement of her own. Bethenny invit...
2 links 15 Jun 2016
E12. Always the Bitch, Never the Bride
It feels like old times for Ramonja as Ramona and Sonja get their friendship back on track and plot how Sonja can get back in good graces with Bethenny. Jules shares a secret busin...
2 links 22 Jun 2016
E13. Steel Calzones
Carole meets up with old friend Heather Thomson for a winter ice skate in the park. Sonja takes a trip down memory lane with Dorinda when she attempts to clean out her basement. Be...
2 links 29 Jun 2016
E14. The Benefits of Friendship
Despite her health issues, Bethenny glams it up for a Skinnygirl event. Jules sees her plastic surgeon to get an update on her injury. After a get together, Dorinda clues Luann int...
2 links 06 Jul 2016
E15. All Bets Are Off
Riled up from listening to the girls talk badly about Luann, Jules gives Bethenny a piece of her mind. After insulting Luann at the dinner, Ramona attempts to ease tensions with he...
2 links 13 Jul 2016
E16. The Countess Bride
The ladies arrive for a night of fun at the Mohegan Sun Casino and everyone is in good. Once back in the city Carole and Adam discuss their future and the future of their cookbook....
2 links 20 Jul 2016
E17. And Away We Finally Go
After canceling Mexico and Hawaii because of Bethenny's health issues, the ladies decide to vacation in Miami. While excited about the trip, the ladies are conflicted about Luann's...
3 links 27 Jul 2016
E20. Tomfoolery
Bethenny shares a damaging secret about Luannâ€ôs relationship with some of the ladies. Out on the town Luann continues to gloat about her engagement, while Bethenny and Sonja do s...
3 links 17 Aug 2016
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