Viper's Creed (2009)

Viper's Creed (2009)

Year: 2009

Genres: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi

By the mid 21st century the world has been devastated by environmental pollution and world war. Failed attempts to repair the environmental damage have made travel by air and sea impossible... See full summary »

IMDb: TT2033910

Rating: 7.3/10 from 29

Season 1
Season 1
Cyclops E1. Cyclops
AGS Blademen were deployed to pursue a Megasoma Bugmech en route to Daiva City
06 Jan 2009
Shinpei -Unknown E2. Shinpei -Unknown
Haruki Oguma, the only son of AGS President Fuyuhiko Oguma, is selected to be an AQS Blademan operative despite his father's wishes for him not do so.
13 Jan 2009
Shot E3. Shot
Saiki gets blamed for the killing of a local man after he had fired on the Blademan in an anti-Bugmech operation that resulted in civilian casualties.
Sorceress E4. Sorceress
After a young elementary school student was kidnapped from a monorail by an unknown man, Norma works alone to provide ransom money to save her from her captors.
Grim Reaper E5. Grim Reaper
Police arrest Rudra for being the main suspect responsible for the assassination of a public official by using a sniper rifle-armed Maneuver-Blade mecha despite him being present w...
Golem E6. Golem
When Haruki invites Saiki, Kariya and Gharib to eat with him in a local Asian ethnic restaurant for dinner, the four AGS personnel find out that the owner is subjected to a huge de...
Riot E7. Riot
An anti-AGS riot turns sour when Rudra threatened to use force to settle it after a bombing incident was credited to Hounds, a group of supposedly anti-PMC terrorists.
Eden E8. Eden
Theresia Strauss, AGS official, suggests to Fuyuhiko Oguma that Haruki was the most likely culprit for yesterday's failed mission.
Intrigue E9. Intrigue
AGS goes out to the public by using Haruki's death to further propagate anti-Hound operations and to promote AGS, deploying the Viper unit to a Hound safehouse before the military ...
Counterattack E10. Counterattack
Ulla Chiaki, the leader of the Hound, appears on national television and accuses the Vipers of killing his fellow members.
Truth E11. Truth
Theresia and the renegade military faction were able to seize control of AGS with help from Ulla, who had been assisting them all along from the shadows.
Blindness E12. Blindness
Saiki faces off against Ulla in his custom Maneuver-Blade prototype before he was severely wounded to the point that he was blinded.
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